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Sun Valley Behavioral Medical Center is excited to announce our latest series of Wellness Groups dedicated to your well-being. Our expertly designed sessions are tailored to empower, enlighten, and enhance your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Insurance Coverage: For our patients, remember your insurance plan covers these Wellness Groups.

Physiology of Stress

Rescheduled. New dates soon. | This group will guide you through the science of stress response, teach you effective breathing techniques to manage stress.

Life Style Medicine​

Rescheduled. New dates soon. | Transform your health through lifestyle changes. This group covers three key areas: Sleep, Meals, and Sedentarism. Empower yourself with practical tips and strategies to lead a healthier life.


Rescheduled. New dates soon. | In our Basic Yoga group, beginners will learn fundamental poses, breathing techniques, and the basics of yoga philosophy. Our Advanced Yoga Group is designed for those with some yoga experience.

Stress and Substances: When does it become an addiction?​

Rescheduled. New dates soon. | Delve into the critical issue of how stress can lead to substance misuse and addiction. Focusing on alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco, this group will provide insights into their effects on mental and physical health.