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Sun Valley Behavioral Medical Center, Inc

Is an outpatient psychiatric center with solutions for children, adults, pregnant women, and older people. At Sun Valley Behavioral evaluation and treatment solutions include traditional interventions with psychotherapy and medications, as well as, modern treatments such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and outpatient opioid detoxification.


The Sun Valley Centers offer culturally appropriate comprehensive mental health services by disseminating excellent quality, confidential and reliable care; cutting edge FDA-approved treatments; advanced technology therapeutics; precision medicine; scientific evidence-based psychotherapy; computer assisted diagnostics; and the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.


Constant update with scientifically proved solutions, so that our patients can achieve fast and safe recovery and reach a life of fulfillment, peace, and health.


Guided by the principle that we care for real people, we do not treat diseases or disorders. Our commitment is to help our patients grow individually, and as members of a couple, a family, a workplace, an education center, a neighborhood, and a community.

Center Facilities